Best places to eat in Sheffield

One thing I love about Sheffield is that with it being a small city there are so many fab places to eat for whatever occasion, brunch, lunch, coffee and cakes, you’re sorted!

Tamper Coffee

My all time favourite place for brunch! They literally do anything you want for breakfast and it is all beautiful, the food (they decorate with flowers) and the place. Eggs, pancakes and they do their own blend of coffee and fresh cakes.


Steam Yard

Sweet treat heaven! It’s in such a good location just to pop in for a coffee and one of their amazing doughnuts. The last time I went in they had brought out the death proof cronut and chocolate filled chocolate covered thing of miracles. Aside from sweet things they also do the best grilled cheese.


The Doctor’s Orders

You don’t know that you need a roast dinner tower until you come here but wow, covered in gravy (which as a northerner I really appreciate) and they even make the vegetables taste incredible. It’s also super reasonably priced and look at the size of that Yorkshire pudding!!!!!


Upshot Espresso 

Another amazing place for brunch, my favourite (and the most popular) is the avocado on toast with chili jam. this is s easy to bob into from lectures but the best thing is Friday is donut day and these like everything else are incredible.



This is just through the botanical gardens this is an amazing lunch spot especially on a sunny day. The homemade cakes are a treat and the potato wedges are to die for. they do pancakes for brunch but my favourite is the lunch sandwiches which are packed with flavour (pesto, chicken Mediterranean goodness) and so filling!


Love The Northern Lasses

x o x o


Highlighter Routine

Oh so glowy..

For me, highlighting is the most important part of doing my makeup (and of course – my favourite part!). I find that it very much finishes off a makeup look and adds that bit of extra glamour that every girl needs in her life. On the daily, I would normally just use one highlighting product so that it adds definition to your face to a certain extent, but not too much. For more of an evening look, i like to use multiple highliting products which will explain below. These extra steps help the glow to last all night long.

For my everyday makeup, I often miss out this step however if it is a glamorous evening look I am going for then this is the first stage to get the glory highlight look. After I have contoured, I like to use the Topshop Glow Pot and just lightly dab and blend this into the tops of my cheekbones, the brow bone, end of my nose and down the centre of my nose. The glow pots have a really great shimmer to them, as well as acting as a sort of base to the more powdered highlight in the next step.

The next step I like to take is, using a large cheek brush or blusher brush, I use The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer, which by the way is our all time favourite highlighter and will not accept any other answers (maybe some exceptions that I am yet to try!) I then highlight the tops of my cheeks, all over where I originally placed the cream highlighter. The effect these two products have together is UNREAL.

The final step i like to take is to grab a fan brush, I use the Real Techniques one, and very lightly powder again over the top of the previous highlight with the Topshop Powdered Highlighter. You will only need to use this VERY sparingly and it is extremely pigmented but the glow is so so pretty i love the look this leaves. I then like to blend out everything together by using the same blusher brush I used previously.

Make sure to give your face a spritz of setting spray, my current favourite is the Loreal infallible setting spray to keep all your perfect highlight in place for you to party the night away.

Let us know in the comments below your favourite highlighting products or how you like to highlight, I am always up for a change and trying something new!

Love, The Northern Lasses

x x x

Tried and tested…Skincare favs

Coming into 2017, I really wanted to take better care of my skin and keep trying new products that really work for my skin. These are some of my absolute favourites that I’ve found but I know that everybody’s skin is different so these may not work for you!


Boots Sheet Face masks
These are such a beauty staple and where such a steal in Boots! They are quick and easy to apply and really brighten and tighten the skin. They have loads of different ones to choose from to suit all your skin needs, I chose the Charcoal and Lotus flower ones. My skin also feels purified and really moisturised after I’ve used it.

Ren Gentle cleansing milk
When I first wake up in the morning, I feel like my skin looks a bit red and dehydrated and thins sent me up for the day! My skin always looks refreshed and it is not a harsh cleanser at so its perfect for my sensitive skin!

Una Brennan Vitamin C Micro-polish wash
This is a new purchase and honestly I love it! It really gives a deep clean with the biodegradable beads so it gets rid of every last scrap of make up and it leaves my skin feeling so soft!

Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial spray
I felt my skin was starting to be dried out by my normal toner so I bought this one instead. This is such a good product because it can be used for so many things… skin needs refreshing in the day-SPRAY, need to set your makeup-SPRAY!

Burts Bees lip balm
My friend at uni gave me some advice when my lips were getting dry that I needed to change my lip balm and this is the one I’m on now. It has peppermint in it with gives my lips a tingly feeling but I quite like that and it feels quite heavy duty so my lips are moisturised for hours!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum
I’ve been reading a lot about how oils are sooo good for your skin but I have always been a bit apprehensive as I have combination-oily skin. However when I tried oil, I was blown away. It absorbs super quick so you aren’t left with the feeling of it sitting on your skin and you wake up with skin that glows!

Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm
If you can never be bothered spending time to take off your makeup i would recommend this, the smallest bit will take off your entire face. Literally your make up melts off but I would say use another cleanser to remove the balm. For me it was so useful taking my eye makeup off.

Rodial x-treme acid rush peel
This is quite pricey but I really think it’s worth it because I’ve never used a facemask/peel where I have been able to see results straight away. My skin GLOWS after this and my pores look smaller. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Liz Earle muslin cloth
An absolute necessity for anyone and everyone. It really helps with cleansing and makes it so much easier!


Let us know in the comments your favourite skincare products of the past year, we would love to try some out!

Love the Northern Lasses

x x x

Let’s talk about.. Uni vs No Uni

We are the perfect example of this, we left school aged 18 with neither of us certain of what we wanted to do in life. Typical. We had however, made the choice of whether to go to university or not. This is a huge decision for anyone to make, and we know how hard it can be so we’re here to give you our thoughts and opinions on this.

I (Hannah) decided to go to University and personally, I love it! University is necessary if you know that you want a job that requires a degree e.g medicine and I know that I did. It has definitely given me a sense of independence and, now I’m in second year, I have to sort out bills! I think the chance to be away from home really allows you to grow up and do things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do or don’t have the chance to do at home. I will admit there is a huge sense of pressure from the work load but I feel like doing A-Levels does prep you for that so you can cope. It can be a bit of a shock in the first week or two being away from home and I did feel homesick but, everyone is in the same boat I promise you and you will make friends who you will be so close to!image1

So on the other hand I (Helena) chose against the idea on uni and did an apprenticeship instead. To be honest, this was always in the back of my mind as I really did not enjoy school so the thought of carrying on learning further did not appeal to me at all. Of course, people are going to push you towards it and that is okay but if you don’t want to – that is okay too! I decided on an apprenticeship as I enjoy practical learning as I feel I am way more productive this way and learn better. For me, this has paid off as now I have completed my apprenticeship I have a job! Personally, I feel I have got lucky because I got a job out of my training and this is not always guaranteed but as long as you keep have something to work towards, it will motivate you to carry on!                img_5469

We hope this is helpful and remember, at the end of the day it is your choice.


The Northern Lasses

x x x

Summer days..

Last month, we set off on our first holiday together. An adventure we both couldn’t wait to wait to get started. As two best friends, what is more exciting than going abroad and seeing the parts of the world? (Granted this time it was only Spain, but it’s a start right?).

So off we went. 3am in Manchester airport is definietly not everyone’s favourite place but it is an exciting one! Just sitting and wondering where everyone else is travelling to is such a crazy thought. It could be to the complete other side of the world, or just further down the country, but you will never ever know. A short 2 and a half hours later we touched down in Almeria, Spain. We checked in to our hotel (Barcelo Cabo de Gata – amazing by the way, we highly recommend!) and headed straight for the beach.


If it is a sandy beach you are looking for, do not be fooled by our pictures. This area of Spain is a desert and the hotels located along this promenade are in the grounds of a nature reserve and sand is a rare sight. You will however find some of the prettiest shells but maybe take some shoes into the sea or you make the same mistake as we did and end up with very sore feet. Never the less, the beach was always SO peaceful and relaxing (bar the odd screaming child but isn’t that a necessity on a beach?).

A week here is just enough to relax and have a break from the world. Don’t get us wrong, we loved being away from the world and chilling out or a week but would we return? Probably not, we need an adventure. Who knows where our next trip will be?